Henry Quach

Mechanical Engineer

High Altitude Weather Balloon

I led, prototyped, and delivered an Arduino-based telemetry package for a weather balloon sent into Earth's stratosphere; designed for reliability, minimum temperature of -40°C, and shock resistance; reached 120,000 ft above sea level and landed 50 miles away after pressure-induced burst; Used I2C communication protocol to chain two temperature sensors (TMP102), one pressure sensor (BMP180), 6-Axis accelerometer/gyroscope (LSM6D3), ozone sensor (MQ131), and ambient light (TEMT1000); Programmed Arduino to export acquired data cleanly into a CSV format and withstand irregularities in analog voltage output.

Timeline: September 2015-December 2015
Team Members: Chase Beason, Tyler King, Henry Quach, Keith Sobb, Eli Weinrab, Jack Siman, Joshua Furth
Key Words: Aerial, FAA, Styrofoam, Low Pressure

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